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Need Help With EOY Reserves!

Go ahead and try out our stripped down beta model of Reserve (ML).  See how it performs on your own data, and whether this simple model still adds value above traditional methods.

Before diving in though, please watch our prior video on how to use the model.

Please adhere to the following format of the data used in uploading (including header names).  Also, as noted in the video, try to include at least 36 months worth of data.  Here is a link to a template for ease.  This template consists of the following:

Incmo,Pdmo,MM, Paid

Incmo = Incurred Month; Pdmo = Paid Month; MM = Member Months; Paid = Claims paid

At this time (for the simple beta version), please do not reflect restated membership by paid month.  Keep all incurred months (no matter the paid month), the same (as illustrated above for 201501, all paid months have the same membership).

Otherwise, have at it!  The password is “Actuary“.

End of year reserves are upon us, we hope this will help you in some way (don’t forget to add MU to whatever method you choose).

Click here to try it out -> Reserve (ML) Model